International Workshop on Coated Conductors for Applications

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Workshop Goal

The overall goal of CCA2008 is to establish the basic coated conductor (CC) characteristics necessary for its use in the fabrication of practical HTS devices. Another goal of the workshop is to identify the most efficient and effective means to achieve these necessary characteristics. In order to realize these goals, requirements for practical HTS devices must first be established. The workshop program committee has, after consultation with various stakeholders, priority items to be addressed, at least from a wire developer’s point of view. As such, it is critical to solicit feedback from device manufacturers on these wire development efforts as well as any glaring area of importance that has been neglected.

Since feedback from HTS device manufacturers is vital for the success of this technology, the closing Session I of this workshop, to be held on the afternoon of Saturday, December 6, will allow for discussion in which the device manufacturers can give their opinions on what issues the wire developers are correctly addressing, and what important wire-related issues still need to be considered. Prior to the discussion, various session chairs will present a short highlight summary of issues that have been addressed in their respective session.

Structure of Technical Sessions

Each technical session will consist of short invited and contributed presentations (about 10 minutes each) that will address specific items of concern. These presentations are meant to provoke thoughts and insights for open discussion to follow, and not simply as a forum for providing latest updates and achievements.

Each session will end with an extended panel discussion with the session speakers making up the panel. Open discussion with the audience will be guided by a moderator. During the open discussion, speakers are given the opportunity to clarify their presentations. They are also encouraged to contribute to the session topic in general, and their insights and contributions should not be limited to their respective specialties only.

There will be limited poster spaces available where innovative solutions and latest achievements can be shown and discussed at a more leisurely pace. A panel of experts will review the posters, and selected posters will be invited to give summary talks.

In addition, there will be a roundtable discussion session, where each participant can choose one of four topical areas where ideas will be shared. A moderator will keep track of innovative ideas or achievements as they emerge, and will share them with the Session Summaries speakers in preparation for the closing session

Please visit the Workshop website at for information on how to prepare and submit your abstract.

Program | Technical Sessions | Schedule